Remodeling and Home Design

Who better to be in charge than you?

Once you've chosen the fabric that best suits your taste, we'll fashion it in a style that suits you perfectly. That's because you’ll pick your favorite pleat or rod pocket style, drapery length and enhancements. Then we'll pull all your choices together to make your vision a reality.

Top Styling (Pleats)
  • Our popular Parisian pleat is our most casual and widely used style and can be used in any setting.
  • Our Laurel pleat, lightly pinched midway, is another casual pleat option.
  • For a look of classic sophistication, try the French pleat.
  • Our Monaco pleat gives a tailored, stylish look to the room.
  • Our dressiest style, the Goblet pleat, works well in more formal settings such as the bedroom and dining room.
  • Our cartridge pleat creates subtle fullness with soft waves for a less traditional modern touch
  • Grommet draperies add a clean, contemporary look to any room.
Bottom Styling (Length)
  • For a more traditional approach, select floor-length draperies.
  • For a look that's very desirable today, consider the popular trouser break which allows 2-3" to break on the floor.
  • For a ball-gown presentation, the most formal look, puddle your draperies with an additional 6-8" in length so the draperies spill onto the floor. Puddling adds opulence and style to your draperies and is recommended for decorative panels only.
  • For a tailored look, you may want to consider returning your draperies to the wall. "Returns" are the far outside edges of the drapery panel that wrap around from the drapery to the wall at a 90° angle. Our standard return is 3½".
  • Returns are an option for pleated draperies only.
  • Enhancements such as trims and tiebacks are optional for every one of our drapery panels. Drapery trims provide wonderful opportunities to tie elements of a room such as draperies, throw pillows and existing décor together. Trims also help to emphasize the shape and form of the panel and create interesting textural surfaces.
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